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Solving the Floating Heads Dialogue Problem

A scene is not as engaging or dynamic when two (or more) characters do nothing but talk.

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Curing Writer’s Block with Morning Pages

Unblocking with Morning Pages Morning pages are three pages, written by hand (!) about whatever comes up in your head….

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Writing realistic dialogue is the sleight of hand magic of storytelling. Factual information wrapped in a false sense of reality,…

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Plot (narrative)

Plot: the cause-and-effect sequence of events. Plot synopsis: a brief plot summary of the main plot line. Plot Structure Rising…

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AIDA Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing techniques help you write better openings and improve your query letter.

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Literary Agents

The agent takes a percentage and exclusive rights. It buys you the agent’s connections, his negotiation skills, his editorial suggestions…

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What happens after Submission

If the hook was great enough, someone will start reading the synopsis. If not, your manuscript is tossed onto the…

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How to Submit your work

Find editors/agents Agents are always looking for new authors. That’s how they stay in business. Still, you need to make…

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Query Letter (Template)

The query letter does three things. It introduces you, the writer. It introduces your manuscript. And third, it makes them…

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The 7 Stages of Character Development

Meaningful events change us in meaningful ways and meaningful changes have consequences. Change occurs in seven stages.*Note: character development/change is…

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The Protagonist

The definition (meaning) of protagonist: The leading character or one of the major characters. The advocate or champion of a…

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Writer’s Flow

Flow occurs when the writer is intensely concentrated and so completely involved in the process of creating something new that…

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What is setting and how to show it. Setting: the place or type of surroundings where something is positioned or where an event takes place.

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Why we read

To connect It is a primal human need to connect with others. Stories give a unique opportunity to get to…

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The Writing Habit that Sticks

Create a habit loop. Start with a keystone cue, which triggers a craving. Satisfy the craving by writing and feel rewarded with pride and satisfaction.

Writing Process
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The Writing Process

Draft 1: Figure out what to say. Draft 2: Figure out how to say it. Draft 3: Perfect it.