Dialogue: giving each character a unique voice

Giving a character a unique voice creates a vivid mental image of a person because speech is a form of characterization. Word choice, grammar, cursing and even silence, it all says something about the sort of person. Note: this goes for major characters only. It is not necessary to give a distinct voice to background characters or minor characters with only one or two speaking lines.

short story

Short Stories

The short story is the most common form of story-telling in our daily lives. It’s the method we use when we tell our partner’s about our day and our children about what the world was like in the past. It’s the way we tell all the stories of our lives and everybody elses. The story begins with knowing and goes directly to the core of the experience. It should generate a sense of anticipation, hope and doubt. When the short-story is over, the reader should long for more.


How to get into Flow

Flow occurs when the writer is intensely concentrated and so completely involved in the process of creating something new that he doesn’t have any attention left to monitor anything else (not even hunger). It requires a balance of skill and challenge. The writer should have the necessary skill to accomplish the task at hand, yet still be challenged by the process of accomplishing it.