From idea to manuscript in 12 easy steps

Part 1: Develop your idea
Step 1: Decide which genre you want to write in.

How do you know what genre you should write in? Easy, the genre you love to read. This is the genre you are most familiar with, with ready examples to look back on if you need a little help and most importantly, you should write a story you’d love to read. Walk over to your bookcase (or e-book reader of choice) and pick up the books you have read with the most passion. What genre are they? That’s the one for you.

The ultimate internet guide for writers

Obviously, you’ve already realised the web can be useful. How else did you land yourself here? But there are perhaps still one or two things you hadn’t thought of or aren’t using to its full potential. If you do it, do it well. Make the most of it. Take the best from it. Let’s see what the web has to offer you.

Motivate yourself

Motivate yourself to keep writing

Unfortunately for most of us, talent doesn’t come by default. Writing a craft, learned and practiced until perfected. Sometimes it’s the fulltime job getting in the way, cause writing doesn’t pay all the bills quite yet. Sometimes it’s the muse missing in action. Here are a few tips on how to get and stay motivated to write.


15 Facts for Beginning Writers

There are a few illusions in the world about who can become a writer and what the writer’s life is like. Most writers aren’t millions, not even all the successful ones. Every writer started out the same way, having to learn to read and write followed by practice, practice, practice and more practice. Here is some basic wisdom to keep in mind if you dream of becoming a writer.

The Causes and Cure of Writer’s Block

There you are, behind your computer. You had a steaming cup of coffee, you were ready. Now all you had to do, was start typing. Hello writer’s block! Suddenly your mind is blank. The ideas swirling around are beyond your grasp to take and inspect closer. Your motivation is still right there however. You want to write, you just can’t seem to get started.