The ending that lives on within the reader

The organic story finds its end in its beginning. Thus, a great story signals the audience back to the beginning in its ending. A story can have a finality ending, where the story truly ends on the last page of the book. Great books have the story continue in the minds of the audience.


Writing the Final Scene: the Denouement

The denouement is everything that follows after the climax, with one purpose: to wrap up the story. Readers now crave two things. First, a final reactionary scene to show the consequences of the plot and the fate of the characters. Second, answers to all remaining story-questions.

act III: end

Act III: How to write the End

At this point, the reader has felt and seen the forces gather against the protagonist. Absolute disaster is just around the corner. The way you set up the story up to this point, determines the expectation readers have about how it will end. For them, it’s more than an expectation, it’s a silent promise you made. A noisy action packed story promised a big bang at the end. A subtle story promised a quiet ending.