Writing a plot summary

Plot summaries are once (max two) sentences that somehow describe the gist of your plot. The plot summary tells your readers what to expect, what sort of story it is and who the protagonist is. Preferably it describes the beginning, middle and ending somehow. This represents the core of your story and should be expressible in very few words but compassing many pages.

exciting plot

How to make an Exciting Plot.

Writing exciting plot entails more than stuffing it with fighting scenes. The only way to make readers care about your story, is if they care about what happens to your main characters. There is something at stake and something to gain. Bringing out the importance of seemingly small things leads to subtlety and drama. Large things clashing is melodrama. Plot means things happen, but you have to convince your readers that what happens, matters.


The Three Act Structure

Stories are told in three parts (a part is called an act), the beginning, the middle, and the end. In other words, act 1, act 2 and act 3. Each part serves a specific and important role in telling the story. The beginning introduces the main characters in their daily environment and sets them on course of the adventure or problem. The middle is used to explore options, deepen the characters and set all the elements up to be in just the right place for the finale. The finale is where the fireworks happen, the deepest depths and the highest high, the grand battle and resolution.