Be Specific in Description to create Immersive Writing

Description enables the reader to experience the “fictional dream”, being pulled into a story so deeply that it becomes more real than the chair the reader sits on. Description is the language used to bring attributes of a thing or person to the reader’s mind.


Setting: the Stage of a Scene

The beginning of a scene should lay out the characters, their relationship, the environment and the basic conflict. A common mistake is to feel the need to establish all the information at the top of the scene. Let the exposition happen naturally. Let the readers discover who and where everybody is and what their relationships are. That’s half the fun.


The F.A.Q. for Worldbuilding!

Wondering what to include in your freshly created world? Wondering if you forgot elements that would make your world deeper and richer? Look no further! Here’s a long list of question to ask yourself when you are creating worlds. When you’re able to answer all of them, your world is full of riches!