Creating the Threshold Guardian

Threshold guardians keep unworthy people from going through doorways and gates. They can be against the hero, indifferent to the hero or even allies but they will still always serve their purpose. No one goes onto the next stage before proven to be worthy. They can be thought of as bouncers, bodyguards or doorkeepers and represent ordinary obstacles people encounter in life such as prejudice, bad luck and opposition.

Creating the mentor

The mentor is the one who aids or trains the hero. They teach the hero, protect him and give him useful (often essential) gifts. The word comes from The Odyssey, in which a character named Mentor guides the hero. The mentor relationship often resembles that of a parent-child relationship. They are what the hero might become (and transcend) if he continued on the road of trails. They are the higher self, the wiser and nobler part of us.

Creating the hero protagonist

The word “Hero” is Greek and it means “to protect and serve”. It is someone who would sacrifice his own needs to help others. In psychology terms, according to Freud, the individual consists of three layers. The it, the ego and the superego. The it represents desires and doesn’t care about right or wrong. The superego doesn’t care about anything other than right or wrong. The ego is left in the middle. It has the it telling it what it wants and the superego telling it what it shouldn’t want and the ego must mediate between the two.


Guide: The Enneagram

For writers, the Enneagram is a useful tool to character development, especially in conjunction with dialogue to reveal the characters in the story. It is a study of nine basic types of people, explaining why they do what they do and shows the direction for individual growth. In real life, it can be used to improve relationships with family friends and so on. The roots of the Enneagram go back many centuries. Its exact origin is not known, but it is believed to have been taught in secret Sufi brotherhoods in the Middle East.


The Role Archetypes

There are a few Archetypes that return regardless of what names they are given. Here are a few sets of archetypes. Remember that this is just the starting point for a character that fulfills a certain role in a story. Archetypes allow readers to get a general impression of the sort of person a character is, without elaborate description. However, this results in flat characters if you don’t elaborate with contradictions, surprising traits and so on.