Guide: How to write the Story Sales Pitch (5 sentences)

sales pitch

In order to start selling your books to agents and publishers before selling it to the grand audience, you need to have your sales pitch ready. This is a summary of your story, done by a certain structure in five sentences.

Sentence one

Introduce the main characters (use descriptions rather than names) and the story world. 

Sentence two

Summarize the beginning, present the first disaster to force a decision that frames the story question.

Sentence three

Summarize the first part of the middle, leading up to the second disaster.

Sentence four

Summarize the second part of the middle, leading up to pursue the final confrontation.

Sentence five

Explain how the story ends, including the final confrontation and any wrap-up you feel is necessary.

Free Sales Pitch Chart

This charts help you formulate your five sentence sales pitch so you know exactly what to say if you 
bump into someone who asks 'So what's it about?'.