Essential Plot Points

Basic plot

Every story can be boiled down to a generic set of statements. These story parts address the inciting incident, the goal, the strategy to get the goal, the opposition, the reason to keep moving, the darkest moment, the lesson learned, the hole that needs filling. It looks a little like this:

One upon a time, something happened (inciting incident).

Someone decided he would pursue a goal (the prize).

So he came up with a plan (strategy).

But forces are trying to stop him (opposition, conflict).

He keeps moving forward, cause there is a lot at stake (the why).

Just as things seemed to be as bad as they could get (the darkest moment).

He learned an important lesson (revelation) that related a need.

This need was created by something in his past.

Now he must decide to take the prize, or not.

This decision satisfies a need (satisfy the why).