Motivate yourself to keep writing

Motivate yourself

How to motivate yourself to keep writing.

Unfortunately for most of us, talent doesn’t come by default. Writing a craft, learned and practiced until perfected. Sometimes it’s the fulltime job getting in the way, cause writing doesn’t pay all the bills quite yet. Sometimes it’s the muse missing in action. Here are a few tips on how to get and stay motivated to write.


  • Write down what got you excited to start writing, as a personal reminder.
  • When you experience the itch to write, try to understand what got it going.
  • While looking at films/tv shows or reading books, try to pinpoint what aspect about it you love so much you would want something like that in your own story.
  • Go wild and try things out, without being worried about the quality. It’s a great way to get creativity flowing.
  • Remember: First get it written, then get it right.
  • Set a deadline.
  • Set a quota (a realistically achievable word count).
  • Write down all the small ideas that pop into your head throughout the day on your phone or a small notebook that fits in any pocket. It’s okay to squeeze a few lines in between meetings at work if you don’t have time to sit down and focus. Just keep going at it.
  • Keep (day)dreaming.
  • Never give up. It’s never too late to pick the pen back up even after your notebook has been collecting dust for weeks. It’s okay to suck, you’ll improve.