Narrative questions to ask yourself

Questions about narrative to ask yourself

Is the plot inadequately developed?
Have you inadvertently created stock situations!
Are there flaws in the structure!
Have you presented the narrative line too mechanically?
Have you made chapter divisions too mechanically?
Is the conflict clearly posed?
Are your key scenes weak?
Have you failed to sustain the narrative logic of the story?
Are there stretches of narrative summary that should be rendered as scenes, with dialog?
Are there long dialog passages that should be compressed somewhat into narrative!
Is an important scene presented too briefly!
Should the sequence of scenes be restructured?
Are your transitions from one place or time, or one point of view, to another ineffective?
Is the pace of your story sluggish or fitful?
Is there insufficient action in your story?
Is the setting too exhaustively or gratuitously described?
Have you dumped background details into one or two passages?
Do passages of inert exposition retard the pace of your story?
Do digressions interrupt or impede the flow of the narrative action, especially early in the story?
Have you neglected to lend interest to your story through an implied narrative?
Have you in some way defused the impact of the climax!
Do you begin your story ineffectively?
Does the ending, given what has gone before, seem inevitable?
Is your story or novel too long or too short!