Analysis: Pitch Perfect’s Hero’s Journey

pitch perfect

The Hero’s Journey:

1 Stepping into a new world

Beca is packed up and rides into a new world (college)
Meet love interest for the first time (Jesse)

2 Call to adventure

Bella leaders ask if she can sing

3 Refusal of the call

Beca claims she doesn’t sing and says such is lame

4 Getting aid

Father pressures her to join a club

5 Acceptance of the call

Beca is found and chosen by Cloe
Beca agrees to audition

6 Getting aid

Her father pushes her to join a club and to create memories for later.

7 Crossing of the first threshold


8 Full separation from the known world

Initiation rituals into the Bellas
cardio – walk on heels – practice

9 Road of trials (in music)

First gig is a mess
Losing cloe to nodes
riff-off competition among groups (lose)
regional competition (second place)
semi – finals (lose)
Finals (cause Footnotes got disqualified)

10 Experiencing (forbidden) love

Pick-nick with Jesse
Watch breakfast club together
Defends him in a fight after regionals
Tells him off for calling her dad when she got arrested
Tells Jesse off during a fight with the bellas after semi-finals

11 Facing temptation (to quit)

Ongoing power struggle with Aubrey
Questions Aubreys decisions
Refuses solo cause of the old songs
Semi finals: singing something else through the rehearsed song
Fight after semi finals: decides to leave (rock bottom)

12 Confront the ultimate power

Beca talks to her Dad about it
Asks to get back in with the Bellas

13 Moment of peace

Group sits down and takes the time to get to know each other
Aubrey hands the lead to Beca
The group embraces a new style with a modern song

14 Achievement of goal

They win the competition, cause now..

Cynthia raps
Lilly beatboxes (learned during the bus-crash)
Cloe hits basenotes (thanks to getting Nodes)
Beca’s DJ mixing style of songs (finally

Beca wins her love by singing the Breakfast Club song

The fist in the air during the breakfast club song
The first kiss after the song

15 Master of both worlds

Beca is still leader of the Bella’s in the next year

The Archetypes of the Cast:

Beca (protagonist and rebel)

The first thing we learn about Beca is that she makes music. Like many hero’s, Beca is an orphan in a sense. She is alone at college (out of her parental house) and only has her father (and the stepmother she dislikes).

She follows her dream in music by applying for an internship at the local Radio. This kicks off her work-career in music.

Step towards dream: internship at radio

  1. Has to start off at the bottom of the food-chain: stacking Cd’s
  2. Offers mixes of her work but they are ignored by the DJ
  3. One of her mixes makes it onto the radio
  4. She works night shift as DJ

She meets her love interest on the first day at college as he drives by in a car while she arrives. They continuously meet as he works at the Radio as well. The boss (and DJ) there competes with him for her affection (asking her out, showing his abs).

Beca then hits rock-bottom when:

She has quit the Bella’s (during an argument after the semi-finals).
She has been rejected by Jesse after pushing him away several times.
–> She is now alone

Jesse (love interest)

Forbidden love because Bellas are sworn not to sleep with a Treblemaker.
Love competition: Luke (DJ).

Jesse is an all-in-all nice boy who is struggling for Beca’s affection. He makes it known his dream is to make film-music and introduces Beca to the film (and soundtrack) The Breakfast Club, which becomes their song in the end.

  • Benji – magician nerd
  • Cloe – nodes struggle
  • Aubrey – control freak
  • Fat Amy – clown – food obsessed
  • Stacie – sex girl with angry face (Sex addict)
  • Cynthia-RoseĀ  – black lesbian with a gambling problem
  • Lilly – asian silent girl (weird and crazy)
  • Jessica
  • Denise
  • Ashley
  • Mary Elise
  • Kori
  • Bumper – jerk boss from Treblemakers

The Archetypes of the rest of the cast:

Benji – the geek that’s into magic

Role: Best friend to Jesse
Personal journey: He struggles to be accepted into the Treblemakers.

Chloe – the mediator

Role: mediatesĀ  between Aubrey and Beca
Personal journey: gets Nods on her vocal cords and needs surgery

Aubrey – the opposition and bitchy control-freak dictator

Role: Leader of the Bella’s
Personal journey: control freak that needs to learn to let go

(Fat) Amy – the clown of the group

Role: comical relief

Luke – the hunk (DJ)

Role: love competition

Stacie – The Femme fatal

Cynthia-Rose – The (African-american) butch lesbian

Lilly – The (Asian) crazy quiet/shy girl