Using Weather for Intensity in the Story Setting


Mention weather with only a passing reference if characters are indoors. When characters are outdoors, weather affects their actions. For stronger effect, have weather contrast character mood rather than compliment it.

Elements of weather
  • Wind
  • Cloudiness / blue sky
  • Rain/hail/ snow
  • Sun position
  • Temperature
  • Moon phase
Develop a month by month timeline of trait weather.


February: drizzly rain
March: cool mornings
October: storms
November: fog

Weather depends on location and season and affects several factors:
  • Extreme weather brings out the best or the worst in people.
  • prolonged weather brings people down.
  • Heat increases anger.
  • Weather affects how people dress.
  • It affects how people travel.
  • The more extreme the weather, the more extreme the scene.

Don’t forget the consequences of weather. If your character ran a mile through the rain, he better feel shivering cold due to his wet clothes afterwards.

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