The Causes and Cure of Writer’s Block

The Causes of Writer's BlockThere you are, behind your computer. You had a steaming cup of coffee, you were ready. Now all you had to do, was start typing. Hello writer’s block! Suddenly your mind is blank. The ideas swirling around are beyond your grasp to take and inspect closer. Your motivation is still right there however. You want to write, you just can’t seem to get started. There are several causes of writer’s block. Here we discuss the three main influencing variables.

Causes of Writer’s Block

The main one is the dry well of inspiration.

Alas us writers can’t put our thoughts to paper if our minds are empty. You need to have some idea what you want to write about before you can get started. In that sense, writer’s block is the lack of ideas. Can a lack of inspiration be cured? Absolutely. Get out into the world and experience something new! Look up a random word in Google images and see what spikes your interest. Do an association exercise. There are many ways to get your creative engine going. 

Sometimes, it is just distractions getting in the way.

Perhaps you’re too distracted by the stack of bills that need to be paid? A deadline coming up? It’s difficult to focus on your handmade world while the real world knocks on your door, rings your phone and walks in and out the room at will. Try to clear your desk of any distractions. Put your phone on silent. While you’re at it, clean the desktop of your computer too or open your word processor in full screen mode. If need be, you can even meditate for a few minutes to make sure you empty your mind of everything that isn’t related to your story.

Tied to this, is a third major cause, stress.

This is probably the hardest one to tackle. It is a matter of mind over mindful matters. It’s difficult to put your mind to writing a comedy piece if you have just experienced a break up. It’s equally difficult to get your Your deadline is 4 hours away. If you are a spiritual person, a 5 minute meditation session might help. It boils down to learning to partition your mind and your time. There is time in the day to worry about bills and people. But a person goes mad if all he ever does is worry. Sometimes you have to put it out of your mind for a few hours and focus on the other aspects of your life… or in this case, the lives of your characters.

Want more ideas on how to get rid of that nasty block of the writer? Take a peak at the Writing Exercises! Sometimes all you need to get going, is to start.

The cure to writer’s Block

  1.  Keep your hands moving even if you’re unsure what you want to say.
  2. Adopt a daily routine -> mornings are the best.
  3. Build rewards and breaks into the writing, even if it’s just a cup of coffee.
  4. Draft in the research phase so you learn what information you need to obtain so you can keep going.
  5. First, focus on simply producing quantity, not quality.
  6. Set the table ahead of time so you’re ready to get started.