character sheet
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Character Sheet

A character sheet is an overview of all your character information. This help you remember all the little details. It…

point of view
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Point of View

Fiction is usually written in first or third person point of view. First person point of view “I tasted blood.”…

character description
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Character Description & Emotion

Showing creates mental pictures, it is interactive and participatory because it forces the reader to deduce the facts for himself….

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Theme: the hero’s moral choice. Thematic questions are always the very next stop in the outline after figuring out the…

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Characterization Explicit characterization The author literally tells the audience what a character is like. This may be done via the…

supportive characters
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Supportive Characters

Types of Characters Round: Name this character. Let the reader see him and hear him. Give him emotions, thoughts, desires,…

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The 7 Stages of Character Development

Meaningful events change us in meaningful ways and meaningful changes have consequences. Change occurs in seven stages.*Note: character development/change is…

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The Protagonist

The definition (meaning) of protagonist: The leading character or one of the major characters. The advocate or champion of a…