The 7 Stages of Character Development

Meaningful events change us in meaningful ways and meaningful changes have consequences. Change occurs in seven stages.
*Note: character development/change is not reserved for the protagonist alone

1 – Pre-contemplation
The character has no intention of changing his view or his ways.

2 – Contemplation
Something happened causing the character to think (opinions) about changing.

3 – Preparation
Character steps out of his comfort zone, does new things(new dominant attitude).

4 – Action
Character makes a significant change (values), this has consequences.

5 – Maintenance
Character reaches his goal. All is well. Stay on track.

6 – Relapse
The past comes back to haunt him. Overwhelmed, character falls back into his old ways and things go wrong. Character doubts his ability to truly change. His core beliefs are put to the test.

7 – Termination
Character sticks to new ways of life through determination and renewed motivation. He thinks, feels and acts significantly different. His self-image has been updated.