Curing Writer’s Block with Morning Pages

Unblocking with Morning Pages

Morning pages are three pages, written by hand (!) about whatever comes up in your head. It’s a free writing exercise so no filtering, no editing! Why in the morning? Most writers are at their best in the early morning, but if that doesn’t work for you then just write whenever you get a chance to. The point is doing it every day.

Writing every day – keeps writer’s block away.

You dig deep

By writing whatever comes up in your head, you will automatically tap into thoughts, feelings and emotions that you otherwise attempt to suppress or fear to speak aloud. As you know, writing the harsh ugly truth about life is what makes good writing. Worried someone will read it? Lock it. Burn it when you’ve finished. Do whatever you gotta do to allow yourself to continue writing unfiltered.

Bonus advantage: clear your head

By putting your worries and don’t-forget-to-do things on paper, you free your mind from clinging on to them and allow yourself to focus on other tasks in the day.