Hero’s Journey

Act 1

Ordinary World

Catch a glimpse of the hero’s daily life in the status quo world so the reader understand how different the extraordinary world is when the hero enters act 2.

Call to Adventure

The inciting incident occurs. The problem indicates a requirement for change. The hero meets the mentor.

Refusal of the call

Either the hero refuses the call or someone/something prevents him from answering it.

Example: Harry Potter’s Uncle prevents him from reading the letters.

Crossing the first Threshold

The point of no return. By crossing into the new world, the hero commits to the required change.

Example: Harry Potter crosses onto platform 9 3/4. Katniss enters the arena (Hunger Games). Thomas enters the maze (Maze Runner).

Act 2

Tests, Allies and Enemies

The hero experiments with change. Allies aid him and enemies test and challenge him.


The hero stops being reactive and becomes proactive. A reversal of some kind takes place.

Example: Hunger Games announces victors of the same district can win together.

Approaching the inmost cave

The hero prepares for major change.

Example: Obi-wan teaches Luke about the force (star wars).


Attempt the big change. The hero uses his new skills and allies to challenge the enemy.

The hero experiences a kind of death, hitting rock bottom (often in a face-off with the antagonist)

Example Maze Runner: Thomas experiences being stung, thereby falling ill, recovering his memories and being reborn with increased preparedness.

Act 3

Final push

The hero recovers from his recent loss/defeat and regroups. Seek help from allies, team up, come up with a plan.

Seizing the sword (the climax)

Hero and antagonist face off. The story problem is resolved (in some way).

The road back

Here you show the aftermath: how the events have affected the world and the people who inhabit it. Show the consequences. Demonstrate the change in major characters.