The pace should quicken when there is action and suspense, and slow down when there are moments of calm.

Controlling the pace with show and tell.

Use show (don’t tell) to give a sense of real-time speed. This slows reading speed but quickens the story pace. Skip exposition and description as much as possible.

Use tell (don’t show) to quicken reading speed but slow the story pace. Add lengthier descriptions here.

Controlling the Pace on Word Level

Make Time Stand Still
Embed words that suggest time has stopped, such as: blocked, stalled, frozen etc.

Make Time Speed Up
Technique: short sentences, subject-action constructions, verbs are explosive and action-filled. Use words with hard and quick vowels such as hit, run, bang.

Make time Slow Down
Use slow verbs such as meandering, gliding, flowing. Use words with long vowel sounds such as serious or slow.