Free Goodies!

263 Ways to Say He ‘Went’

This cheat sheet sums up 263 ways to describe how someone goes from one spot to another. Varying 
your description keeps your writing fresh and accurate. This chart is available for download 
and free for private use.

Scene Chart

This charts help you build a solid overview of all the important features of your scene, such as 
the scene summary, a list of characters that make an appearance, how much time elapses during the 
scene and so on. This chart is available for download and free for private use.

Sales Pitch Chart

This charts help you formulate your five sentence sales pitch so you know exactly what to say if you 
bump into someone who asks 'So what's it about?'.

Character Sheet

This four page character sheet helps you bring your characters to live and provides you with an easy 
to read overview. This sheet covers basic character information, extensive personality, physical 
attributes and family structure.

StoryCore Chart

The core of the story can be represented by the six most important scenes. Map out these scenes in 
the overview, prevent your story from running amok and expand from here.

Fiction Novel Structure

This structure template provides an overview of the three acts distribution, major plot turning 
moments and major events that usually occur in a particular section of a fictional novel.